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last update July 17th 2003

I am already 1 year old! My parents can't believe it. All that we can do in only 365 days! I have learned to see, touch, taste, but most of all love and be loved.

Sometimes people say that one year olds can't do much, but I think that I can do alot! I have more that trippled my weight and I am 50% taller than at birth. I don't know many people who can say the same!

In the last 12 months I have learned and mastered many skills: sit, eat by myself, drink for the cup, pull myself up, walk, talk, grow teeth (8) that I have learned to brush.

I like toys that make sound, those who help me walk, books, computer and dogs (which makes my dad desperate). I love giving hugs but I am also quite indepedant. I have started daycare and really like my new friends. Little story: at my first day of day, I cried when my dad came to pick me up, I didn't want to leave! I like carrots, cheerios, mangos, bananas, kiwis, strawberries, bread, tomato sauce, pasta and sea food.

I am a happy little girl who laughs all the time. I am still quite the litthe star. Mommy says that I am an angel. I sleep well at night and am not a big whiner. My only fault? Mommy thinks that I don't like authority... :)

Let's see if I change much by next year!

See you soon!


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