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What I eat

Here is my little story

At birth I was breastfed. Unfortunately, I was hungrier than what she could give me (see my actual weight in the development section)and so she supplemented with "Similac" (milk in powder). But another problem appeared, I couldn't digest very well the "Similac" so my mother decided to change for "Nestle".

When I was 6 weeks old, my mommy had to stop breastfeeding and give me exclusively milk in powder. However, since this milk is very expensive, my mommy and daddy decided to try the "President Choice" and I digested it very well.

When I was around 4 and a half months, I started showing signs that milk alone wasn't satisfying my appetite. However, my parents knew that you shouldn't introduce solids too early and so they waited a bit. At 5 months, on October 2nd to be exact, my parents decided that they were tired of getting up in the middle of the night (I've been sleeping through the night since 6 weeks old and for the past couple of weeks I had started waking up again and wanting to say hi!) so they gave me rice cereal.

How great is it to be able to bite on a spoon! I immediatly loved rice cereal and a couple of days later, enjoyed oat cereal. However, when they tried giving me fruits and vedgetables, my reaction was not a positive one, even though my parents had been working hard in the kitchen making me home made puree. And so they decided to hold off on that and continue to give me cereal which made me quite happy!!

At the age of 7 months, my dad started giving me yogourt mixed with strawberry puree. How funny was it when I opened my mouth wide to have some more! A couple of weeks later, my parents tried again with the vedgetable and more fruits and I have learned to enjoy them. They also give me some of their food once in while (and so do my grand-parents, who seem to find it very funny to do stuff when mommy's not looking!

to be continued ...

Some proofs ...

Here are some pictures of me tasting carrotts and apples

Surprise!! When I was on vacation at Orleans Island, my parents brought me to pick some apples (in the intention of making me puree). At their big surprise, when they offered me a nice freshly picked apple, I loved doing my teeth in it and sucking out its juice!